Estate Planner

Building a trusted estate planning brand from the ground up

Estate Planner is a simple and convenient estate planning service, helping customers achieve peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will be taken care of after they are gone. As designer at Studio Misfits, I spearheaded the project, creating the branding and website from scratch.


UI Design


Illustrator, Figma, Photoshop, Lightroom


Warren Ellison – Creative Direction


Jesse Nelson – Estate Planner

Final Logo Design

The client wanted their logo to reflect the modern, digital approach of their company while remaining trustworthy. To do so, I chose to keep the logo mark minimal and memorable. For the logo-type, I used Noe Display; A modern typeface with a hint of blackletter influence, creating the sense of legacy and history for the brand. Estate Planner holds the heavy responsibility of managing their customers assets after they pass away, so establishing trust right off the bat is extremely important for brand integrity. I go more into the meaning of the logo-mark below.

Logo Symbolism

There are multiple levels of symbolism in this logo design, while the three light blue shapes alone symbolize location markers, together they represent the founders of the company (three best friends), and the trinity knot, or holy trinity (eternal life). In order to create harmony between the type and the mark, I integrated the sharp features of the letterforms into the logo-mark.

New Website Design

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